False prophets

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  • chrisauld

    HI, I can't remember what scripture it is, but, somewhere it warns of false prophets, there's probably loads of examples. Anyway, JW's are false prophets like the rest of them. All the predictions for the end of the world never came true. They claim that God reveals the 'truth' slowly to them like 'lighting candles, one by one, all adding to the light', but it seems that they have been lighting them, then blowing them out, coz they're wrong!!
    Is this God's mistake (surely not) or are they NOT 'prophets' as they DO claim to be.
    Is this an 'old hat' point? probably is, never mind...



  • Gopher


    Welcome to the board! This topic has come up a few times before on the forum, but is way down in the archives somewhere by now. So it's okay that you brought it back to the top! It's good to have another one who's willing to post their thoughts, ideas out here. It can be part of the process of "moving on" from slavery into freedom!

    The inaccurate WTS prophecies all came about from their selfish desires to attract attention to the organization and its work, thus increasing their membership numbers, their publication distribution, their wealth, their control. When certain things didn't come to pass, they invented new explanations and blamed the rank and file for being too eager to accept old explanations!

    You said "JW's are false prophets like the rest of them." In defense of the "rest of them", I'd say very few of the major religions have a record of trying to lure recruits with end-of-world prophecies. Those religions may have their other faults, but false end-of-world prophesying is not a universal trait. Just for a few, like the group we formerly belonged to.

    Best wishes on your journey to freedom. Look forward to more of your posts & replies!


  • kes152

    "Many will come on the basis of my name saying 'I am anointed' and will mislead many"

    Did not our Master warn us...

    "Take heed that ye be not led astray: for many shall come in my name, saying, 'I am anointed;' and, 'The time is at
    hand:' go ye not after them."

    "Anointed" JWs say every Memorial they are 'anointed' and also that "The time is at hand, This is the last days!" Get a bible study and "associate with US."

    Indeed, you are correct, for the true servants don't go "door to door" (Luke 10:7) and they offer the free gift of holy spirit to "anyone asking, anyone seeking, anyone thirsting" so that they may drink and have "everlasting life." (John 7:37-39, 4:10, 14; Rev. 22:17).

    May you have peace,

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