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    The only point in time "known" that Jesus came to inspect and approve the Watch Tower Society was in the 1918/19 period. If one takes that as Present Truth then you have to look at what the WTS was emphasizing at that time. What ever was taught at that time was the only Truth we know Jesus to approve. Therefore any specific claims of the Great Crowd, in those days Great Company, must be held to be true.

    Which leads us to THE FINISHED MYSTERY book of 1917. This is directly from that publication and must, by default, be approved by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. The chapter and verse is from the Book of Revelation

    5:11 …. Was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands

    .- The number of the Great Company will apparently exceed one hundred millions.

    7:9. After this, I beheld, and lo, a great multitude.— When the Apostle tells us in 2 John 8, "Look to yourselves that ye lose not those things which we have wrought, but that ye receive a full reward," he is teaching that a Heavenly reward may be gained that is not as full as if a course more pleasing to the Heavenly Father is pursued

    7: 11 Of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues

    .— "As the number of the Bride of Christ is to be 144,000, it would be reasonable to think that each number of this class may have 144,000 to look after, as 144,000x144,000 equals 20,736,000,000 (twenty billions seven hundred and thirty-six millions), evidently just about the right number to be cared for— 144,000 would be quite a host for each individual of the Bride class to look after. So we can see the necessity for the work of the Great Company."— Question Meeting.

    [And] after these things.— After the saints are glorified and present ecclesiastical systems are destroyed.

    I heard AS IT WERE a great voice of much people

    .— The Great Company.— Rev. 7:10.

    In heaven

    .— The only heavenly-minded ones remaining on earth.

    So there you have it folks. The Great Crowd is heaven bound and therefore it would be best to partake this coming Memorial. I would imagine that Jesus is pissed off enough with the Society, please don't add to His troubles.

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    The only point in time "known" that Jesus came to inspect and approve the Watch Tower Society was in the 1918/19 period.

    Which leads us to THE FINISHED MYSTERY book of 1917.

    Wouldn't the dubs say.....'but the book was written BEFORE 1918?


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    But they were still peddling it in 1919!

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    And if there any of the associated who want to know what the Society says now about The FInished Mystery, this was the most expanded comment. Obviuosly to not denigrate the book assumes acceptance of its message, then and now.

    *** w87 5/1 26-7 Looking Back Over 93 Years of Living ***

    "The Finished Mystery"

    On Tuesday, October 31, 1916, Charles Taze Russell died, without having produced the seventh volume to his series of Studies in the Scriptures. When on his deathbed, aboard a train returning from California, he was asked by his secretary about the seventh volume, he replied: "Someone else will have to write that."

    In the following year, 1917, the seventh volume did appear as a commentary on the prophetic books of Ezekiel and Revelation, together with a lovely explanation of the Bible book The Song of Solomon. The Society planned a tremendous circulation of the new book. Accordingly, they sent cartons of this seventh volume to certain ones in the congregations throughout the United States. Many cartons were sent to my home at 1810 Baymiller Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, and stored while we awaited further instructions as to how the contents were to be distributed.

    There were eight pages of The Finished Mystery that contained quotations of what prominent figures had adversely declared regarding warfare. Under incitement by the religious organizations of Christendom, Catholic and Protestant, the United States government raised objections, so pages 247-54 were cut out. Thereafter, when The Finished Mystery was offered to the people, an explanation was made to them as to why these pages were missing. The United States government did not remain satisfied with this move, and under further incitement by the religious organizations of the land, it banned the entire seventh volume of Studies in the Scriptures.

    I recall that on one Sunday morning I was working at the rear door of our house. Men came walking down the walkway alongside the house, and the leader pulled back his coat lapel, showed me his metallic badge and demanded entrance into the house. So I was obliged to take them inside and show them the cartons containing copies of The Finished Mystery. After a few days, they sent a truck and took them all away.

    Later we learned that Joseph F. Rutherford, the Watch Tower Society’s second president, and six of his associates serving at the Brooklyn headquarters were erroneously convicted of interfering with the war effort of the United States. They were sentenced to serve 20 years at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary on each of four counts, the sentences, however, to run concurrently. The war ended on November 11, 1918, and then on March 25, 1919, Brother Rutherford and his associates were released on bail. They were later completely exonerated. The book The Finished Mystery was also removed from under ban and authorized to be circulated freely once again.

    How reviving it was to our spirits when the Society arranged for our first postwar convention at Cedar Point, situated on the tip of a resort peninsula near Sandusky, Ohio, for September 1-8, 1919! It was a most joyous privilege for me to attend that convention.

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