This Site Started By and For Loyal JWs?

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  • Buster

    This is exciting (My first new topic).

    So, last night at the Portland Meetup - great evening - got to speak at length with Bikerchick, Deleted, Lost Diamond, and Onacruse - I regret having to leave early again.

    Bikerchick told me something fascinating: This site was originally a site of the loyal dubbies, for the loyal dubbies, and primarily participated in by loyal dubbies. I gotta know more! I read a few pages of posts from the beginning.

    Tell me, who here was a participant in the early days? Tell me about the transition.

    Who went through an 'Awakening' here? Still here?

    <* Song from Grease: "Tell Me More, Tell Me More" *>

  • Simon

    I was still in when the site started but having doubts and wanted to be able to talk about things (and, I admit ... play with a web site)

    At the time, the other sites were Witnet which was very pro WTS where do doubts could be expressed and H2O which was very anti and a bit off-putting. I wanted to try and make this one more "middle of the road" and less extreme in either direction.

    It will soon be the forum's 3rd birthday (March 23rd I think) - I know I've changed quite a bit in the last 3 years and imagine most others have too!

    It's nice that quite a lot who were on from the beginning are still here and others pop back occasionally. Of course, by the nature of the site, people will move on eventually and new people come and eventually become 'the old regulars'. It's nice to read some of the old topics and see where we've been.

    Maybe I should add a "from this day, 2 years ago" feature to show what the top topics were at the time?

  • DanTheMan

    Simon - was there any one poster in particular who convinced you that JWism was a load of poopy?

  • minimus

    I recommend we do something VERY SPECIAL for this 3 year anniversary. What do you think???

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Maybe I should add a "from this day, 2 years ago" feature to show what the top topics were at the time?

    I like that idea...

  • Simon

    I think the friendship / fellowship helped us with the leaving process and provided a lot of support while we went through it but it was my own study of the publications that really convinced me. was good - I started with the Creation book.

    I'd also like to add some links to past topics on whatever subject is being discussed.

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