New York meet-up

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  • mouthy

    I understand there was 8 there.Did anyone here go????

  • Soledad

    huh? when was this? why wasnt I told ?

  • mouthy

    It was last night -if you want to e-mail me I will send you the guys name that held it,,,,

  • onacruse

    We had a neat Meet yesterday: sphere, bikerchic, LostDiamond, Deleted, Buster, newboy, 3 others that don't post here, and myself.

    I now have a local and international community of open-minded compatriots the likes of which I never imagined.

    So much for "if you leave the org, where will you go?" LOL


  • onacruse

    Oops, I should add that it was in Portland, OR.

  • mouthy

    So you met my friend John Englese!!! He has been going to Pennsylvania for 24 years. He has never been a JW either.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    Meet-ups....what a great concept!!

    I have met some very special friends and have had some very good conversations. I live in the Portland, OR area and the meet-ups we have here have been more than I ever expected.

    Craig & Katie,

    I could always count on you two being there....what a cute couple you two are!!

    Onacruse, bikerchic, Songmistress, newboy, Buster, Deleted: You have become my little extended family. How blessed I am!

    ~Bernadine (LostDiamond)

  • NewYork44M

    If the next meet-up is in NYC, let me know. I have met a few fellow New Yorkers and would be interested in meeting others. Thanks.

  • Gamaliel

    When the next NYC meet is held in NYC or environs, please let me know, too.

    Thanks, Gamaliel

  • mouthy

    Go to "Apostofest & get together site" the Guy is on there

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