Is there life after JW?

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  • chrisauld

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this whole internet thing, I always thought that the Internet was 'wrong', I guess. I was just wandering if anyone else was finding it hard to get on in life after deciding that JW's are not the 'truth'. Does anyone else feel the struggle to find a substitute? I was brought up in it since birth, I stopped going to meetings about 4 years ago, but decided it was the 'false' about 2 years ago. My dad is still firmly 'brainwashed' but my mum left ages ago. I feel bitter about the whole guilt thing and the social separation I endured as a child. I suppose this is common among ex-JW's. I think it is physcologically recognized as 'cognitive dissonance'- the battle between what u now believe to be 'right' as opposed to what you were TOLD was 'right'. Anyone feel the same??
    Let me know.
    Chris (glad to have freedom of thought)


  • Jimmer

    Yes, there is life after the WTBTS. The whole concept of "trying to find a substitute" is an especially important one to grab hold of. it is not unusual for a person who has been wholly dependent on someone or something else to feel seperation anxiety. (Kinda like quitting smoking.) A person is not used to being independent. He or she is frantically trying to find someone or soething else to attach to. However, if one can realize this and supplement that knowledge with a close friend or two to unload on when needed, he or she will become free of the need to "find a substitute." The journey might be painful at first, but the destination is terrific!
    Good luck and stay between the ditches.

  • Thirdson

    Hi Chris,

    I'll try again with this post. Welcome to the board. You are not alone or the first by any means to go through the realization that JW's and the WTS are wrong and that beliefs have to be formulated yourself. You will find many people here in various stages of transition from JWland to a life of freedom of thought and freedom of belief.

    I found that after a period of denial of the problems and faults with the Watchtower organization that breaking away and spending time reading and researching on my own was helpful. I used the library, the Internet and discussion boards to research and answer my own questions. In many ways I had to treat everything I once believed as suspect and decide for myself what I thought was right and what I want to choose to believe. It is a learning process and I don't think it will stop. Gradually I became more involved in helping others in doing good through charitable work without the need or requirement of others to conform to a standard set by me or my controlling religion.

    Do I have all the answers? No. Do I believe I have the only true faith? No. Am I certain there is a God, another life after this or a higher purpose for my life? I am not sure, I hope so but I am content to wait and see. I believe that if God does exist he is not the killing monster that JW's believe in.

    Am I happy. You bet I am!

    There is a whole new life waiting for you. I am glad you have started on the path to something better.



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