'In Union' Help please

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  • SammyJoUK

    Ok, I know that this topic must be in the archives somewhere, but I can't find it so here I am asking for help.

    I have a web page that I have set up to show the 53+ times that the WT have mistranslated "In you" and "in Me" to say "In union with ".


    I have both KIT's so I don't need some one to tell me that's the way to show the error, I can do that. However, most JW's just tell you that the translation committee knew what they were doing when they made all 53 into "in union with", and they fob you off.

    Does anyone know of a web page that looks at this in more detail and especially has reputable Greek scholars comment on what they have done.

    Many thanks for any help


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