serendipitous cheap fiction, messianic bibles, and dating Asians

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  • oppostate

    Do you like cheap fiction? Not necessarily cheap quality, but not your run of the mill big-buck item award winning Oprah reading book club approved titles, I mean.

    The titles of some of the offers I've been getting make me think someone is scanning my email for ad targeting.

    Titles like "the society" "the remnant", I mean what's up with that?

    Then there's the offer I keep seeing everywhere online that I visit for a "free messianic bible"--I think someone on the forum already commented on that ad.

    It's just funny, all these coincidences just strike me as quite entertaining.

    At least they're not about dating Asians--uh-oh--now I did it--you mention something once online and it'll hunt you!

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