'Russellism Unveiled'

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  • sf

    Morn',I'm in the yahoo 'jw room' and 'sammy' just pasted this up; thought some would be interested:


  • SammyJoUK

    I dont know what you see in this web site... it's not up to much really is it,..... LOLOLOLOl....

    Hi all SAMMY here, and man was I shocked to see this on here.

    Been YONKS since I got myself on here and was I surprised to see this post. I really do suggest that you have a look at this web page, and if you find any major mistakes please let me know, it took me 3 hours of scanning and checking the OCR, and I am not convinced that I got all the mistakes sorted.

    As for the web site, well we ain't never going to be freeminds or CARM, or any where else like it.. but we try. Lots of the books are now scanned and may I take this oportunity to say that I am willing to scan anything you need should we have it. I have all 7 studies books from about 1907-1914 and all 7 from about 1923-27. I have all of Rutherfords rainbow, plus 98% of his booklets. Anything from there on in to the present day we have. I can not do whole books but will do the odd page.... and yeh I know there are the CD's out there, but we ain't all got $40 a crack to spend have we.

    Hope all is well and sorry that the last time I was here I seemed to get lost... things here at home have been dificult and we would apreciate all prayers from my wife, severe (IBS and FIBRO)

    Take care all



  • sf



    Silly, I asked you in yahoo this morning if I could, in fact, post it. You answered yes.

    The reason I wanted it up is the reason I want 'all wt items' up...for the lurkers! Whether it's right, indifferent or wrong...it is up to the reader to decide this. I believe it's important to 'bring it to the table' though, for all to 'eye'.

    sKally...'wturls' klass

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