I thought crazy medical quacks was a thing of the past.

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  • blownaway

    I watched this show in full. Netflix Afflicted. These people to the one had mental issues. There is not such thing as Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or the other crap. This could easily be tested and in fact in the case of Carmen she did not know about the EMC of the wireless mike and it was not an issue. Mental problems are real that is a fact but these people do not have some environmental illness. I used to see the old quack medical instruments in antique stores and think that this was a crazy age when ignorant people would believe anything. Then I saw all the quacks rapping people of their money. Thousands of dollars for BS treatments. Like the mold renovation in the case of Jill. If you tested 1000 homes every one would test pos. for black mold. The spores are everywhere. Lead and other metals are in the enviroment naturally and its in elevated levels they become dangerous. I blame the eco nuts who go crazy about the end of the world to the point where mentally ill people are scared crap-less.

  • _Morpheus

    Did you see the net flix show about killers on death row called “i am a killer”? Really well done crime and punishment style documentary. No commentary or politics injected, just interviews that leave you to come to your own conclusion.

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