Did they forget about me?

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  • caballoSentado

    The C.O. has been visiting our congregation this week & I was told from good source that I was in the list for shepherding (really for being DF'ed), but the visit ends tomorrow & they have not called me once. Very strange!. What could have happened?. They know that I was the one that learned & spoke about the UN hypocrisy around here... Some days ago the elder told a sister that he was taking care of me... well, I'll have to wait one day more & see what happens.
    Caballo Sentado

  • Brummie

    I reckon the CO wont be calling, he would have told the elders how to handle you! I doubt they have forgotten you, If the CO doesnt call tomorrow expect to hear from the elders shortly.


  • mattnoel

    What is the current situ when you are diss'd ? do they visit you ?

    I have moved since but not sure if I should update my details with them so they can call.........my other half would love to tackle them ! and so would I !

  • mattnoel

    Sorry matter at hand.........I wouldnt be too dissapointed they didnt call !

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