Unsigned Works

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  • Blueblades

    Unsigned works are peculiar christian phenomenom in works with a dogmatic,apologetic and propagandistic aim.

    In other words works already suspect,and thus made more so by an author's anonymity.

    The Society claims that the Watchtower is the foremost instrument of the watchman class,anointed ones represented by the governing body,fds.

    While we know the names of the members of the governing body,the Watchtower remains an Unsigned Work.We do not know who is writing the confusing,contradictory information about the anointed,governing body ,fds,other sheep in the latest Watchtower articles.

    This makes all that is written suspect as to who is who when it comes to dispensing the spiritual food at the proper time.

    It has been written in the feb 15 WT.that the other sheep have just as if not more understanding of God's word as the anointed do.That the anointed have no special knowledge.

    Aso that the other sheep are God's son too!JAN issue.That they have his spirit in them also,but cannot partake of the emblems at the memorial.Confusing to say the least.JW'S are being scammed.


  • DanTheMan
    It has been written in the feb 15 WT.that the other sheep have just as if not more understanding of God's word as the anointed do

    That's interesting. Does that mean that R&F JWs can question doctrines put forth by the F&DS without fear of censure? lol

  • Satanus

    "It has been written in the feb 15 WT.that the other sheep have just as if not more understanding of God's word as the anointed do"

    How strange. The wt has pronounced that much of the greek scriptures is applicable only to the anointed. They are as a letter from a father to his sons. Things of the spirit written to those begotten by spirit. How the $%^& could none spirit begotten rank and filers have a clue??? (according to this wt theology)

    UNLESS, the bible is really just a jumble of jewish cultural minutae, history, w some crude beginnings of spirituality finally developing at the end. UNLESS every single solitary person has equal capability for understanding the bit of spirituality that the bible contains, because every single solitary person has equal spiritual potential.

    BUT again, the wt wants it BOTH ways.


  • Francois

    This entire debate reminds me of the mind-numbing and intellect-renouncing absurdities the Catholic Church went through (and forced the scientists of the time to go through) in attempting to prove another of the church's favorite fantasies: that the earth is the center of the universe?

    Remember the anti-intellectual, anti-intuitive crap the church trotted out in an attempt to explain such phenomena as the retrograde motion of the planets, especially Mars? And there were so many other phomena of the physical world having to do with orbital mechanics that just could not be explained away.

    It was dangerous being a scientist with any insight at all who understood full well what was going on, Nicholas Copernicus - exhibit A.

    In like fashion, we today have the WTBTS attempting to have it not one, but two or perhaps THREE ways, as with the current conversation. The OS are spirit indwelt, but can't be of the "elect", but can have more understanding than they, but cannot....well, I disremember exactly WHAT it is that they would have us believe this week. It's all too tiring when the obvious truth is right before our faces to any and all to see and understand.

    I wonder how long it will be (O Lord) before the Society will change THAT particular teaching to comport it with the actual facts and truth? It only took the Catholic Church around three hundred years, after all, to apologize to Copernicus, in 1979 as I remember, for putting him under house arrest for the balance of his life because he set forth the then disturbing truth that the sun is the center our our solar system? My little boy knew this much.

    How appropriate that a little child could have led the WTBTS into truth if they had not had their arrogant heads firmly up their self-righteous, "infallible" ass holes. This is what comes of arrogating spiritual authority you do not have.


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