If More Did This - The Metropolitain Borefest Could Really Backfire

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  • berrygerry
  • tiki
    Wow!!! Poor kid...he was sweet but so lost....programmed not to reason just spew the babble. So I guess the cart thing is to non-witness...just be an object standing there like an idiot...and run away if questioned.
  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    Poor boy soo sweet, I don't like when they are people are confrontational with JW,... honestly many JWs don't know what we do about TTATT & even Ray Franz commented about this in crises of conscience. ... it's not their fault they have been deeply influenced with the WT... captives of concept book said people can be won over either by 1 word or they can't be won by 1000 or something like that.... this situation could've been handled with more reasoning & tact.. just saying
  • berrygerry

    Sorry, Olivia, politely, yet strongly, disagree.

    Jesus with his whips in the temple (twice?).

    Paul, in the marketplace, and at the Areopagus, and everywhere else, being asked a question, and turning tail and running?

    Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch?

    ad infinitum the rest of the NT/Greek Scriptures.

    The WTS' version of first-century Christianity is:

    "Hey, we have an amazing collection of scrolls available in your area - please read them instead of asking us questions."

    (BTW - I was a street-witnessing RP back in the day, and would kick ANYBODY's ass - I would never back down or run away.)

  • KateWild

    I think the interviewer Alex was too confrontational as a witness I knew most JWs wouldn't enter into conversations like that.

    JWs Are trained to look for humble teachable people.....not free thinking ones.

    When I talk to them I usually appeal to their emotions and ask them what they think of my personal experience.

    Some are very responsive and some shun me.

    I don't think filming helps either

    Kate xx

  • punkofnice
    The 18 year old. Naive. But there may be hope for him as he seemed a bit more open minded than the nazi looking bloke.18 was willing to talk. Nazi wasn't.

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