Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery

by Iamallcool 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iamallcool

    Who delivers Same Day Items? I am curious. Thanks!

  • Finkelstein

    I use Amazon a lot with Prime and never had same day delivery. 2 or 3 though

  • Iamallcool

    Me too!

  • dubstepped

    On occasion I've had something delivered the same day without paying extra for it. We do live near a hub though. I don't know if I'd ever pay extra for same day. Maybe if it was something for my business and I ran out and couldn't source it locally.

  • _Morpheus

    I dont see how this is ‘off topic’ since you started the topic...?

    That aside, when i get something same day from amazon it seems to fit two criteria: 1) its stocked by amazon in a local hub or “fulfillment center” and 2) it get delivered via independant courier. In the dc area a company called “laser shipping” seems to have a contract for a lot of it.

    It appears that they have independant contractors come by once a day for packages stocked in those hubs and if your address is within “x” miles of said hub they know the delivery can be same day. Things shipped via us mail, fed ex and ups all have to go through their hubs and add a day or more. Here in dc they offer (based on delivery address im sure) free same day on a lot of (usually) smaller items, generally with the caveat that you order st 35$ bucks worth of merchandise. I have taken advantage more often than i care to admit.

  • blisterfeet

    I used to work for LaserShip!! awwwwwww lol look at them with their same day deliver!

    We also used to ship biological specimens obtained from horses, (not blood that would be pagan!) and it had to be to the delivered very quickly! memories....

  • Iamallcool

    Morpheus, the reason why I said "off topic" is because it has nothing to do with JW stuff.

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