A young kid with determination

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    I've posted about this Chinese kid before. I think he was around the age of 8 when he had an accident with hi-voltage power and lost both arms. Since then he's taught himself to deal with life without arms. In 2014 he failed the tough gaokao (University entrance) exam, But tried again this year, this time successfully and won a place at Sichuan Universities Law School.

    Here's some piks from a Shanghai newspaper, the Shanghaiist. (It was originally published on Netflix, but that version is in Chinese, so the Shanghaiist version is better here.


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    btw, that blog (the Shanghaiist) and I understand (though, I've never seen it) a hardprint version is 'owned' (if that's the right word, by a New York company (another strange NY company), called the Gothamist.

    The namesake blog, Gothamist, focused on New York City, was founded in 2003, with launches in other cities shortly thereafter. Other blogs operated by the company As of June 2014 include LAist, DCist,Chicagoist, and SFist in the United States, as well as Shanghaiist internationally.[2]

    See Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothamist

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