Is it a miracle....

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    The Rebel

    that people in communities

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    The Rebel

    not sure what happened but my O.P sent before I wrote it. ( I guess that was the miracle)

    My O.P is I think it wonderful people from different cultures get on. For example I don't usually get on a buss, but having recently done so I found it a wonderful experience. The buss driver was a " Shiek" and I noted he said " Hello my lovely" to an elderly passenger. She laughed and I thought maybe I should take a greater interest in this buss driver.

    What a man, this buss driver " is" Because I noted he made everybody that boarded his buss feel welcome. Then I thought of his wage and felt guilty, that if he supported Watford football Club, and wanted to take his son to a match it would take him, the best part of a days wages.

    My point is, I think it a miracle that we have people who have jobs, and make those jobs about people, more than complaining about their " low paid jobs" And when people have this love, I think it's bigger than religion, bigger than winning the lottery....and something I respect.

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    It's certainly a good thing that people from different backgrounds can get along with one another.

    There are many countries around the world that can learn a thing or two about the West's diversity and tolerance.


    What a man, this bus driver " is

    I think it's bigger than religion, bigger than winning the lottery..

    I`m sure the bus driver is a nice man..But...

    If I played the lottery and won the Bus Driver, I would be very disappointed..

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    I never knew a grown person would have trouble spelling the word "bus", interesting

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Thanks for the spelling education, Shirley.:-)

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