Explaining the inexplicable.

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  • JeffT

    I think we've talked about this before, but I'd like to revisit it. I'm working on some marketing stuff for a novel I wrote, based a bit on my experience as a dub. I realized that the reason I ended up with a novel (my first attempt was non-ficiton) was because so much of what we did just doesn' make sense, and I wanted to immerse my readers in a fictional cult world to explain how these people think.

    When I look back on it, I can't for the life of me, say why I thought the WTS was "God's Organization." There is no evidence for that. I don't care how charismatic a speaker is, he's not going to make me believe that the sky is green. Yet, as dubs, we swallowed some ideas that were just as outlandish. In looking back, I have to say I surrendered my brain to these people. I started my study during my senior year in college. I'd like to think I'm not a total idiot, and wasn't then either. Yet I did not subject this group to any sort of critical review. I had access to a library with two and a half million books. I never once went to the catalog and looked up "Jehovah's Witnesses" or "Watchtower."

    The witnesses presented themselves as an association of people that undertook an independent study of the Bible, untainted by any preconcieved notions. Not knowing this statement is complete crap, I bought into it. I know find myself unable to explain my actions at the time, except to say that perhaps I was young and inexperienced, and in a vulnerable point in my life.

    Like to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Will Power
    Will Power


    do you have a publisher?


  • blackout

    I think being vulnerable and emotionally needy has a lot to do with it. They prey on people like this. Anyone who has lost a loved one, divorced or is having marriage problems, teenagers who feel unloved. They initially provide emotional support and physical help, until you are baptised at which point they turn you over to the fear of ostracism* to keep you under the thumb.

    JMHO LOL (humble, right)


  • Blueblades

    Hi Jefft, When we are scammed by spam,what appears to be helpful is no help at all.You trust the message,do what it says,and you end up losing.

    I believe that we can also be spammed spiritually.It happens when supposed teachers of the Bible distort and proclaim a message that they call the truth.

    How does one avoid such a scam? I don't know anymore,after being scammed by the WT.Society for over 30 yrs.I'm questioning whether or not the Bible is actually inspired by God or is a product of men.

    That includes all supposedly other holy books out there with there claims to the truth.

    For now I am at an impasse.I can't for the life of me explain what you call the inexplicable.There is a frustrating and emotional tug of war going on within me for the past two yrs that is ongoing.And I have read dozens of books for and against,Too many to list here and still can't make a conclusion either way.Impasse is where I'm at now.


  • JeffT

    Thanks to all.

    Will: I don't have a publisher, I'm working on something to send to potential agents.

    Sphere: I can understand where you're coming from. Kids, by nature, think that mom and dad know what they are talking about (if I understand your comment correctly). My problem is that I bought into it as an adult. Looking back at what I did I feel stupid.

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