Jesus invited 12 - The Society invites the whole world

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  • truthseeker

    During his 3 1/2 hears of 'field service' Jesus made hundreds, perhaps thousands of disciples. Amongst them, his closest associates, known as apostles numbered 12, and to these Jesus gave special attention and consideration.

    The 12 apostles, including Judas Iscariot, had the privilege of attending Jesus' Last Supper, and it is here that Jesus instituted the memorial of his death.

    "Keep doing this in remembrance of me"

    The question is, why are 16,000,000 people doing it today?

    The Society is so hot on everything that Jesus did and said as being for them only, why do they make a huge media outburst (KM's) about inviting everyone? What exactly is the 'Memorial Season' and why is this phrase used when it is not in the Scriptures?

    If we assume that everyone at the Memorial on Nisan 14, was annointed, and was going to rule in heaven, then what purpose is there in inviting everyone we know?

    Besides, the Society don't like large gatherings, Jesus only had his 12 apostles.

    Later on in Acts, we learn that upwards of 500 disciples witness Jesus being taken to heaven on a cloud. Why weren't they invited?

    Anyone got any answers?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    truthseeker first post - welcome


    Didn't the holy spirit come to the apostles AFTER the last supper? therefore not annointed at the time?


  • Warrigal

    When the holy spirit came upon the assembled group at Pentecost 33AD, did they partake of the bread and wine at that time????

    The memorial of the covenant that Jesus made with his remaining 11 apostles was not witnessed by anyone else. So why do those who claim to be of the anointed partake of the emblems if their anointing stems from the outpouring of holy spirit at Pentecost ???

    Personally, I won't believe that anyone is anointed unless a tongue of fire dances above their heads......lets see that happen at the Kingdom Hall.

  • Satanus


    I have a little cloud following me around. Does that count?


  • Francois

    On the other hand, I believe that the Helper, the Spirit of Truth, the Cosmic Mind, the Holy Spirit was on Pentecost poured out on "All Flesh" and that furthermore, it has been poured out on All Flesh every second ever since.

    God - as we have come to know - is no respecter of persons, thus this Spirit was not reserved to just those in the upper room at Pentecost, but is and has been the free gift of The Master upon the entire earth from then 'til now and through all eternity. Thus it can be said that all who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God, and all we have to do to become the children of God is to avail ourselves of this free gift - and if we ask for it, it will be given.

    The fact that you do not see a "tongue of flame" over spirit-led persons may very well be a function of your ability to perceive it as opposed to any lack of its presence. Think about it.


  • gumby

    Damn you guys! You are all really bad at remembering the truths you were taught respecting this!

    Heres how it goes,

    Jesus said "unless you drink my blood and eat my have no sharing with me".This was to apply to all those with the heavenly reward..( christians )...not just the 12.

    He also said unless you are "born again" you can't see the kingdom".This was to apply to all christians.....not just the 12.

    He said for ALL to come and take lifes water free......not just the 12.

    The dubs reasoning is that ........HE USED THE 12 TO SET A PRECEDENT FOR ALL OTHERS TO FOLLOW.

    I think that all those that are confused need to get back to the meetings and start paying attention!.......( you bunch of slacker bastards! )


  • Preston

    well, If I gave the excuse as a dub that in the Bible only the anointed where at the memorials (thus ruling out the great crowd) it would be viewed as a sign of disrespect for Jesus' sacrifice since that was meant for all believers. But you have a good point there. Everything's about meeting attendance...

  • teenyuck

    As I mentioned to gumby earlier, if someone chokes on their wafer or bad wine, I will shrug

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