Still unable to post, have changed all the settings I can think of. Baffled

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  • FlowerPower
  • dmouse

    I sympathise, I really do. The first week this site was up I was unable to post too, not even a reply or new topic.

    It seems strange that you can post a new topic but no text appears. Are you actually logged on? (see box top left, which, for you, should say 'Welcome Flowerpower' )

    I know it seems stupid, but when you first open the new topic box your curser for some reason goes into the subject box. You actually have to click in the large post box to place your curser there. Then type what you want to say.

    Hope you get it sorted whatever the problem. If you want, email me your computer specs and problem and I'll post on your behalf in the technical section to see if Simon or other computer boffs have an answer.


    [email protected]

  • Robotnomore

    When I was using the Netscape browser I couldn't post either. I then tried MS Internet Explorer and then I could post. Hope this helps. Robotnomore

  • FlowerPower
  • Valis

    *LOL* Flower...the cursor is being placed in the subject line instead of the text with your mouse where you type out all your text and make sure the cursor is not in the subject line when you start typing...I hope this is what's happening and you get to posting soon..


    District Overbeer

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