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  • JT

    as everyone knows lawyers have a long history of being accused of running down accidents for $$$

    while for many they find this tactic somewhat offensive- this must literally scare the Sh!t out of wt-

    for many of us we know that here in the USA "Religion" was literally THE THIRD RAIL in the legal profession-

    you just don't touch it, but with the catholic church being burned to the stake it must try concern wt due to the fact that each case that the catholic church loses, becomes CASE LAW FOR THE FUTURE

    i recall talking to Carolyn Wah the single black female attorney at bethel ( none of the boys would try to tie the knot, everyone was afraid of her due to her education and job at bethel) anyway that for another day--

    she told me how case law plays such a major role for wt, she desribed a typical YOU CAN'T GO DOOR TO DOOR LAW that some little funky town enacts-

    what happens is too many times like the case in OHIO the town attorney is either too lazy to ck on the legal foundation of the town council new law or just dumb to what the law states

    she told me that in almost ALL such cases all they do once the elders call them and tell them "we got some new law that says we can't preach"

    they have these - "PRE=PREPARE PACKETS" about the size of a sears catalog ready to be mailed out at the drop of a hat- in most cases she explained once the Local Flunky- aka -- TOWN LAWYER gets the packets and wades thru 3000pages of CASE LAW in favor of wt--------- most drop the suit and concede to wt

    well in the last few years the lawyers have been building techiques and strageries on how to handle religions and child abuse and as we have seen with great success-

    so now we are moving into PHASE II legally speaking and today law firms that just 5yrs ago would not touch a religion with a 10foot pole are ADVERTISING FOR BIZ-

    while some maybe bogus- it doesn't look well for wt as more state legislatures are going back AND REWRITING LAWS to go back 10-20yrs for child abuse cases SO that folks who are 40-50-60yrs old can now sue

    and in view of the fact that most folks don't like jw ANYWAY it will be extremely hard for them to find Sympathy for a group that DOGGS EVERYONE ELSES religion as being from satan

    that don't exactly help your case- everyone knows that many cases are won or lost based on the Sympathy of the juors

    while that should not perhaps be the case THAT IS A FACT

    SO as the link above shows more and more law firms are starting to see the churches as a CASH COW THAT IT IS OFTEN TIME

  • Shutterbug

    that don't exactly help your case- everyone knows that many cases are won or lost based on the Sympathy of the juors while that should not perhaps be the case THAT IS A FACT

    That is so true. I have served on 4 or 5 jurys in the past few years and have noticed some women seem to be very prone feeling sorry for anyone who happens to be in trouble, and don't bother me with the facts. If you are a defendant in a law suite and most of the population doesn't appreciate your organization in the first place, you don't have the chance of a snow flake in a blast furnace. When the issue is child abuse and those above mentioned women/mothers are on the jury, the defendants had just as well bend over and kiss their a** goodby. Bug

  • LDH

    Well JT you got me.

    I thought for sure Carolyn Wah was of Asian descent. A single black chick roaming the halls with all those hot guys, now that is too rich. LOL could you imagine a Bethelite working up the courage to ask her out? You've got me rolling.

    Anyhow, on the Law Thang. That doesn't surprise me that they have prepared packets to send out. Their tactics kind of remind me of Wal-mart's. No lawyer will touch a claim against Wal-mart, because Wal-mart will NOT SETTLE a claim. They will make an attorney take it all the way to trial. AFTER the big guns have buried them in paperwork for several years. No Wal-mart employee has the funds to mount a case against them, and very few lawyers are willing to front the money when going up against them.

    It's interesting that the WT uses the same tactic, eh? It's also rather nice to note all of the CLASS-ACTION law suits going on against Wal-mart and the WT.


    Not Frivolous Class

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