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  • schnell

    So I just learned about Adam's first wife, made from the same dirt as him. Some of the Google images that came up made me want to hurl.

    If you're not aware, there is Talmudic lore about Adam having a wife named Lilith who left him after he wouldn't submit to her, and what's more, she is pictured as the serpent who tempted Eve. A lot of that seemed to develop in the middle ages though. She's also a succubus and an apparently common figure in Wicca and Thelema and such. Iunno, the whole thing's weird.

    The Hebrew "lilith" is used only once in Bible canon, at Isaiah 34:14 as the screeching owl or night creature. She basically sounds like a really old version of La Llorona to me, right down to the bit about killing little kids.

    So yeah. That's the kind of superstition a lot of people put their faith in. Pardon me, I'm gonna go have some nightmares now...

  • scratchme1010

    Sorry to hear that it has such great impact on you. Please consider other sources of information that may bring more peace and a good night sleep.

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