Guardians of Doctrine?

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  • wisdomfrombelow
    I can't imagine the Governing Body as being the "guardians of the JW doctrine". They have the power to make new laws but I really don't think they understand the history of their doctrine.

    I was reflecting on truthseeker's Jehovah's Witness Guide to Understanding the Generation Teaching chart and how it simply showed the changes through time. I wonder what it would look like if most of their "unique" teachings were displayed that way?

    There are enthusiasts of TV shows, movies, comic books who seem to know more about the characters and their nuances than the people who write them or who created them. There are also Witnesses and former Witnesses who know more about the policy changes and history than the current writers of JW doctrine.

    An JW cannon of beliefs and how they developed through history would be interesting and should exist for the "guardians of doctrine" so when they write more of their JW fiction they can at least be consistent. But consistency was never important to them, having power and control is and they have that refined very well.

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