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  • Uzzah

    I know there are a few here that either served at Bethel or lived close by.

    I am looking to put together some information on Organizational structure of the WTBS as well as the difference between written and unwritten policies and practices in the congregations but more importantly within Bethel.

    If you are concerned about confidentiality, Simon, Hawkaw and Scully can all vouch for me.

    For more infor check out this link:

    Whatever help you can give me would be appreciated.



    Don't mind me I'm just trying to steady the ark

  • foreword

    ........Don't mind me I'm just trying to steady the ark really got zapped that time.....that's what you get when you extend a helping hand...

  • blondie

    Branch Office Procedures Book partly online (use the cached feature if necessary)


    A typical "warning-sign" for people thinking about joining any club, church or cult - is "hidden agendas". When the leaders have secret books and secret rules - not available to the rank and file. Jehovah's Witnesses has lots of such rules and regulations. All "elders" in the congregations have an "Elder-manual"; the internal law-book on how to keep the members in line, how to set up internal courts, what "offences" does REALLY result in actions from the cult, etc. This book is called: Pay Attention To Yourself and To All Of The Flock. This book is ONLY available to the "elders", and absolutely nobody else is allowed to take a glimpse at that book. In fact, most JW's doesn't even know that it exists!!

    Another example is BRANCH OFFICE PROCEDURE. This is TOP SECRET, and is supposed to be available to the top official in each country, the "Coordinator". These rules are changing all the time, according to what happens in the Watchtower Society, and what happens to tax-laws etc. in different countries.

    We have shosen to go public with some parts of this manual, much to the disproof of the Watchtower Society. This manual isn't even copyrighted, since not even the members at the "

  • Kenneson


    You might try Randy's site at Freeminds; he has a Bethelite Log Book that you might want to post your question. However, I must warn you, that as of late, some JWs are trying to hijack it.

  • Stephanus

    Yes, I noticed the cowardly pro-JW in action. I see JJRizo's (or a reasonable facsimile threof) started posting too...

  • caspian

    Interesting proposal. Uzzah

    However I wouldn't think of using the Branch Office Procedure Manual as shown online, it is about 50 years out of date.

    If you would like some private help, send me a personal message of specifics and I will see what documents, I can get for you.


  • fulano

    Uzzah, I you have some specific questions, mail me: [email protected]. I served at 3 branches and at Patterson and Brooklyn, and was a missionary for almost 9 years.

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