Can We PLEASE ask for your HELP one more time..or so

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    We are in the midst of editing the proof copy of "Thunder Rider's Burden", Sheila believes we need a pronunciation key, how does one do this or does anyone know where to get one done?

    Also since my novel is fantasy genre about another land do you feel I need to include a map of that land?

    Thank you


  • Mulan

    A map? YES!! Great idea. I always appreciate that kind of thing. It really helps to visualize everything.

  • happyout

    Microsoft Encarta has a pronunciation function. Here's the web site:

    Also, I love maps, it helps me understand the story better.

    Good luck!!

  • dottie

    ((((((((((thunder))))))))) I'm sooo excited for you! These are good times!!!!

    I think a map would be a helpful tool...just make it "dottie-friendly" as I can get lost quite easily ...Heehee. How are Sheila's mapmaking skills???

    All kidding aside I am very proud of you (and Sheila) for pursuing this dream and making it come true. I think we all can learn from you guys that dreams do come true !

    Much love and Hugs!


  • blondie

    I read Piers Anthony's Xanth series faithfully. He has a map with his series as does Anne McCaffrey with her Pern series.

    I vote for a map.

    Blondie A

  • jgnat

    Here is another pronunciation guide, if you still need one.

    I am a fairly decent artist, and can wield a quill pen. (if you need a mapmaker).

  • WildHorses
    WildHorses has a pronunciation key also.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Appreciate the help folks. Looks like Sheila is going to be palying cartographer at school tomorrow. A map it is. I don't know if it will make into the first printing or not though. I will also see about a pronunciation key for some of the names amd places.

    You guys are great.


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