Chat Sites to Meet Witnesses?

by JWTom 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • JWTom

    I heard this site used to have a chat feature. I go to and will meet a witness there sometimes. Does anyone know other chat sites that are good for meeting witnesses? Feel free to send me a private note on here if you have a comment or question.....or just post for all to see lol.

  • tiki

    Methinks you just stuck your toe in the wrong pond....

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Jwtom - you should visit jwfacts it's one of the best sites around 😊

  • Giordano

    That's what assemblies are all about!

    Unfortunately some people don't have an acceptable appearance. A nose hair comb over can be distracting.

  • JWTom

    Surprised to see those comments, there are quite a few former or current witnesses that come here to talk. Pretty apparent from the comments of some.

  • JWTom

    Anyway, is a site that has a JW room much of the time.

  • caves

    Its this that gives me a bit more hope that makes me think that more and more are "waking up at a faster rate". Yeah for the anonymity of the internet.

    The GB should have never started Jw.0rg. Everything else is just a few clicks away. They have and are in the process of blowing apart their own cult.

    Just the other day a witness (that I blocked, but apparently got around it) texted me and told me to not look at the site that much about a bible study on there. That in person is better. Lol. Then why even have it on the site?

    I have heard other jws say that the site doesn't talk about their "Real life problems". Lots of 'murmurs' about the site internally. Should only lead to more waking up. Or i should say is.

    Woke me up!

  • JWTom

    Witness I talk to are alot more open and candid in anon chat. Wll talk about many things that would never talk about in person.

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