Circa:1983 How they made me feel

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  • SheilaM

    I am posting this so that the lurkers and the ones saying "oh they don't do that" can see. I was treated this way all through my time with the witnesses this is what they do and have done. This poem was written in 1983 and it hasn't changed at all in the organization.


    I can't have you.

    You are shielded from me, by words twisted.

    They speak of uneven yoking,

    I believe, thus I am a believer.

    They say witness,

    I witness, am I not then Jehovah's.

    They say dedicate,

    I dedicate,thus in my heart an baptized.

    But yet I appear, as an alien in their midst.

    They should upbuild and strengthen,

    yet with words they tear down,what I strive to build.

    And if they succeed.

    I lose more than even you,


    SheilaM 1983

  • dottie


    You have totally expressed my sentiments about the wts.

    yet with words they tear down,what I strive to build

    this is so true...words tend to hurt more than anything physical.

    And yet you have made it out! I am glad you did...I think we are all better people for no longer being a part of that Dis-organization!



  • SheilaM


  • SheilaM


    Thanks, I am glad I can put in words my feelings, so others can say "Ya that's right". Disorganization you said it girlie girl

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Way to go SheilaM! Fantastic poem. You mix anger, pain and sadness into a powerful statement. Anyone who doesn't believe this happened then, or continues to happen, just doesn't want to see.

    Keep writing. We need to hear from talents like you.


  • SheilaM

    BigTexThank you so much


    Sheila M, that was good. Very well put.

    1983 was a benchmark year for me as a JW. That is the year, everything started to fall apart. That is the year I decided to > leave.

    Interesting that we both had 1983 as some significant date.

    Thanks for sharing that poem, I quite liked it.

  • musky

    Sheila M , Thanks for sharing.

  • SheilaM

    Razor: Thank you it was a year now wasn't it LOL Thank you.

    Musky: Thank you so much

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