Why Jehovah's Witnesses are Guilty of Idolatry

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  • metatron

    Idolatry, you say! Impossible! How could Witnesses be guilty of worshipping an idol?


    Witness logic says that people can be guilty of worshipping a national symbol like a flag - or a political system or a nation.

    Looking at nations like North Korea ( or Nazi Germany), I wouldn't disagree. People are very capable of worshipping human

    organizations as the practical equivalent of God in their lives.

    So, the possiblity exists that many Witnesses worship the 'organization' as an idol. If this is true, what symptoms would we

    expect to see as proof of this idolatry?

    You would see life experiences in the Watchtower that extol the 'organization' on a nearly equal level with God - and that

    fail to mention Jesus Christ at all. ( check this to see if it's true!).

    You would see extraordinary effort put forth to impress agents of the Watchtower Society as mere hypocritical showmanship

    ( what happens during EVERY Circuit Overseer visit, in your experience?) Man, not God is the priority here.

    You would see persecuted Witnesses put the 'organization' on a pedestal EQUIVALENT to the OPPOSING WORSHIPPED
    GOVERNMENT. Thus, a Witness would view the organization as fanatically as the Nazis or Communists view their own system

    True believers under the skin - you just change the identity of the object worshipped!

    Idolatry of the organization would be seen in the automatic acceptance of whatever the leadership demands without bothering

    to check with the Bible as the ultimate source of authority - ever hear of the Bereans? "Make sure of all things"?

    Idolatry of the Watchtower organization could also be seen when covering up the organization's misdeeds becomes more

    important than the faithful repair of the horrors committed ( disfellowshipping those who complain about their kids getting


    Idolatry exists when patterns of self sacrifice are continued long after the reason for pursuing those personal sacrifices

    disappears - like field service or the Service Meeting or the Theocratic Ministry School - which deal with a 'ministry' that

    passed away years ago - 'settings' that aren't real, conversations that never take place - it's just 'make believe', in service

    to a human organization that demands loyalty to its irrational traditions.

    "Flee from idolatry"? Witnesses flee TOWARDS it! What perversion of worship leads them to show up to support convicted

    Witness criminals in court while shunning the victim?

    Answer: they worship the 'organization' .... and not any God who would recoil from such displays in disgust.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


  • JamesThomas

    Good observations Metatron. No argument here.

    One of the definitions of idolatry is: excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc..

    If that doesn't fit the Witnesses love affair with the "Organization" like a glove, nothing does.



    How many dubs have been sacrificed by means of the WBTS printing press? How many dubs worship every thing that comes off of those printing press`s? Among the things dubs idolize,the WBTS printing press stands as a monument to wasted and lost lives,among their many other idolatrys...OUTLAW

  • Marcos

    Well, since the "Organization" = the "GB" (the "Old Farts"), are we talking about a case of "GERIOLATRY" here?


  • Shakita


    Excellent post! The Wt constantly preaches against idolatry, but they have turned themselves into an idol. Instead of directing people's attention to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, they direct people's attention to the Jehovah's Witness Organization.

    Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life." At John 14:1 he said: ..."trust in God; trust in me." He didn't say to trust in any man or religious organization. Any Witness that dares disagrees with any teaching of the WT are unceremoniously kicked to the curb. That gives evidence of the WT's desire for their adherents to give worship to them. The Governing Body might protest over that accusation, but the proof is to be found in those that are silenced for having a difference of opinion over Bible doctrine. These ones are disfellowshipped and are labeled as devil worshipping apostates. This tactic keeps the rank and file in ignorance and ensures that the Governing Body will continue to receive worship that only rightfully belongs to our Heavenly Father.

    I also appreciated your astute observation of Witnesses that blindly support a disgusting pedophile because the criminal is still a member in good standing. If the situation was one in which the pedophile was not a JW, the Witnesses would act towards the criminal with contempt and disgust. Yet, the JW's show that they worship the JW organization when they support that organization even in the face of an obvious wrong. Any person that would support a pedophile and spurn the innocent victim are showing that they are worshipping an idol called the Watchtower.

    Mr. Shakita

  • the mole
    the mole

    this was excellent...to the point...it says everything ive been trying to say also..something that i have seen growing and expanding in thought and action with most members of the org..i have spoken against it and written about it and no one wants to hear it.. even my own family are being caught up the motion of false worship to the org and not christ..my family bickers on what the org says not what is in the bible..im glad im not blind and someone else can see it too..im not crazy and im not an apostate...thanks............the mole

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