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  • inbetween

    Most of us agree, that JW doctrine, even if you accept the bible as Gods word, doenst add up.

    Just one detail:

    The new teaching about the FDS is, that it was established, not in 1st century, but in 1914 (1919?), and that Jesus looked down on earth after his installment as king 1914 and choose the bible students as his organisation.

    However, the new kingdom book mentioned in this weeks study, when Russel and co startd to publish in newspapers from 1903 on, that Jesus manouvered matters, in order to make it successful.

    hm, he didnt even choose them yet as his people, but he already supported them ?

    huh ?

    So when I choose a new car, and I didn't even decide or buy one yet, I just put new tires on some random car ? And then some time later I buy it, because it has new tires ?

    Just a small detail but one of many contradictions and inconsistencies, you can spot them even on almost every piece of literatur they produce lately...

  • schnell

    You also know they're God's channel, because they grew and had success.

    Meanwhile, Jacob Sartorius was on NPR talking about how he grew a huge social media following on his phone from his bedroom. He's a kid.

    Seems legit.

  • anointed1

    Your question is reasonable. God will not use any religion or any book because they all can be manipulated for selfish end. Look at religious leaders—they did not teach real spirituality because of which disciples got into fight over the BIG question “who is first among them?” which led into divisions and sects (opposite of spirituality)

    Religions aim at the money of the gullible, hence they present God as the comforter of their suffering which actually discredit God because it gives the impression that He gives suffering so that people turn to Him. They really do not know why pain (and its result—suffering) exists. Pain-mechanism in our body serves a useful purpose alerting us to avoid further harm. What a disaster it would be if we do not feel pain—we will not pull away our hand or any part of body when it gets burned or injured. So is the case with suffering. When we act thoughtlessly it result in suffering which is an alerting mechanism that tells us to avoid further harm or future harm. Conversely, we act thoughtfully it result in peace and prosperity which is an alerting mechanism that tells us to continue to do what we are doing.

    In this vein of thinking, even death is a blessing. Ask: ‘What if there is no death, if one goes on growing more and more vibrant physically, perfecting his skills and talents, and even growing in money power, influence ….etc.? He would probably behave like King David described in the Bible. He was a very humble shepherd boy to start with, then climbed heights, finally became king of Israel, and he seemed invincible… then he began to add more wives and numerous women to his harem, he went to the extent of treacherously killing his faithful friend to steal his wife.

    In the backdrop of this behavior of the people, we need a mechanism that acts like a speed breaker.

    When one’s body is in reverse growth and his mind is in death-awareness, he begins to feel “I am not that important as I thought, I have no basis to feel I did or owned this and that …” which means he is now free from the shackles of wanting and from bondage to body, mind, and ego. In such a state one can see clearly all the wasteful things he did in his life. On the contrary if there is no death, self-importance of people would go on growing with each one perfecting his wickedness, and this will ensure eternal hell on earth. That means, certainty of death serves as a speed-breaker on our ego! This is why a materialistic person suddenly turns religious or philanthropic when his doctor informs him that he would soon die because of a dreaded disease just confirmed in a diagnosis and again turns materialistic if he finds out later that he was wrongly diagnosed. Interestingly, Jesus rated his cousin John the Baptist as the greatest “among those born of women” (Luke 7:28) because of his simplicity and fearlessness—he moved from his forest life to city and rebuked a lustful king who was leading an immoral life, knowing it would cost his life. This proves that in awareness of death one would not take himself seriously (John 3:30), but will do what his conscience asks him to do. No wonder Bible book of Ecclesiastes (chapter 7) speaks of death positively because being aware of death can make people take a U-turn from reckless pursuit of pleasure.

    Many people have already discerned this: One among them is Jonathan Swift, English satirist who wrote: “It is IMPOSSIBLE that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by providence as an evil to mankind.” Socrates had absolute clarity on this subject, hence described death as “the greatest of all human blessings” and “the greatest good that can happen” to us because it prevents one’s feeling of self-importance from growing eternally. Thus all those great men agree that remembering death is the greatest source of wisdom for any person—it guarantees that one's planning will be realistic.

    Yet religions present death as a curse and God as the redeemer of people from this “curse.” If blessing is viewed as curse, they will have this inability of understanding in all the areas they put their hands on. See when the disciples understood Jesus as the “servant of God” (Acts 3:13) the whole Christians understand him as God himself!

  • pale.emperor

    This is the funny thing with "new thought". Are we supposed to accept it? It's only a thought after all...

    Supposedly, Jesus chose the Watchtower in 1919 as his sole channel and declared it clean, which i believed for 31 years as a witness. This supposedly clean organization used to celebrate Christmas and Birthdays, used the cross in worship, worshiped Jesus as well as Jehovah and could join the military as long as they didn't kill anyone etc. (there were stories of men in the army shooting their gun into the air in the middle of battle instead of at people).

    If Jesus says Christmas and Birthdays are "clean" what mere man has the right to change that? And if Jesus didn't declare the clean, why did they say he did? If they didn't get it from Jesus but thought they did then why should we believe anything they say?

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