Female child molesters.

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  • Etude

    Yesterday, I saw a local news segment, here in Southern California that covered the subject of child abuse. It declared that almost 50 percent of child abusers are women. Apparently, it’s not talked about much and women seem to get away with it a lot more for that very reason. Children, especially boys, are much more reluctant to talk about it and may be silenced by outside pressure that colors the abuse as a “notch on your pole”. Apparently, after the movie “Antwone Fisher” (which I haven’t yet seen), many boys and men have come forward, admitting that a woman sexually abused them. It seems the movie makes mention of Antowone’s rape by an aunt. I wonder how many women are among the 26 odd thousand in the Watchtower’s list?


  • Abaddon

    The 50% figure is quite high compared to most estimates (<10%) I have seen, but this may well be due to the social factors you mention. In areas of sexual behaviour not directly related to physical force, there is no real scientific backing for women being any less likely to be a sexual deviant (as in INsane, UNsafe or NONconsensual), although many people seem to have a 'Queen Victoria' reflex on this subject. By this I rrefer to lesbianism not being outlawed in the UK when legislation was redrawn up in the 19th C, as Queen Victoria refused to believe it existed.

    Whether there is objectively any difference between an adult woman persuading a 14 year-old boy to have sex and an adult man persuading a 14 year-old female to have sex is a seperate question to stereotypical societal attitudes.

    However, percentage of incidents aside, when looking at sexual abuse of minors in a cult environment such as the JW's, a woman has none of the protections a man (specifically a man with responsibilities) has. Whilst the power structure and sexual misogony of the JW's tends to protect male child molesters, it would not protect a female child molester at all, unless she had protection by means of kith and kin.


    I knew a female child molester once. She was being studied with by a sister in our congregation in Saskatoon. She had molested her young son even while she was studying. She was working toward baptism and was accepted by the congregation. Everyone was happy because she had the goal of being baptised.

    She moved to Regina before her baptism. I don't expect much changed for her there. She is probably baptised by now and a member in good standing.

    Regina, be warned! Contact me privately if you want names.


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