"Charity" inquiry in the UK..

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  • zeb

    Has anyone any update on this.?


  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    It's effectively dead and buried now.

    Despite it being allegedly an "ongoing investigation," it looks like the cult has dodged the bullet in the UK.

    "The policy and procedures are common to all Jehovah’s Witness congregations in England and Wales and are being examined further as part of the Commission’s ongoing inquiry into WTBTSB. The Commission is also examining as part of the ongoing WTBTSB inquiry the practical measures which will be taken to minimise the risk of the issues identified by this inquiry from recurring in other congregations. Issues of particular relevance to this inquiry that will be examined further in the WTBTSB inquiry include:"

    1) the application of the ‘two-witness rule’


    Governments/courts are renowned for being loathe to confront & deal with religious practices.

  • zeb

    thanks. So sad that its been 'snow-balled'..

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