It looks very likely that........

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    ....the end of March will be the end of May! (she can't last more than a fortnight, can she?)

    If you've any spare cash, bet on the UK not leaving the E.U. this year. After all, as some MP's are now saying, "the referendum was only advisory."

    UK politicians have only agreed on one thing - Britain cannot leave the EU without a deal.

    In that case, the only alternative will be to stop the bus heading for the alleged "cliff-edge" and promise a future referendum after the next general election.

    Even "The Fugitive" with David Janssen didn't last this long!

  • cofty

    A 'soft' Brexit now looks like the most likely outcome.

    We could end up with most of the downside of EU membership but without representation.

    So many mistakes have been made along the way. Cameron should have fought harder and longer with the EU for concessions on our relationship before calling the referendum. He never imagined he might lose. The possible implications of Brexit ought to have been investigated in advance.

    May's decision to call a general election was madness. She should have been consulting with a cross-party group on Brexit throughout but she doesn't know how to collaborate. The outline of a plan — and a set of red lines — ought to have been worked out within Parliament before Article 50 was triggered not 24 hours before the deadline.

    She has already agreed to go once stage one of Brexit is complete. Then the real negotiation begins.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    A day or two before the axe falls on the pantomime of Brexit, I'm prepared for the government or Parliament declaring that "desperate times call for desperate measures" Decisions which the electorate never agreed to will then be implemented.

    The E.U.s treaty has been roundly rejected twice by Parliament - and probably again tonight. May's "deal" is a Norwegian Blue - it's a dead parrot. It is deceased!

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