My Trip to New Zealand

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  • Stephanus

    Now that I've got a pic up, I'm moved to recount an experience which occurred at the time it was taken. On my last night in Auckland before flying back home, I stayed at a friend's place; she was going to drive me to the airport in the morning. In the morning (Saturday), just before we were about to drive to the airport, there was a knock at the door, and guess who it was! (No prizes for guessing - LOL) After my friend dismissed the JW and his (about 8 yr old) daughter, my friend said "That's incredible! I've been here for one and a half years and I've never seen a JW; you're here one day and they turn up!"

    The photo? Taken while we were dining al fresco at a restaurant on Waiheke Island (the raincoat was necessary!).

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    Make freinds with any sheep. send me an email

  • Stephanus


    No the only sheep I saw were actually within the bounds of Auckland itself, even though I did travel from there to the northernmost tip of the NI!

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