Name some things you would do different....

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  • undercover

    Minimus' thread about things that used to upset you but now doesn't got me to thinking. What are some things that you wished you had done(or hadn't done) if you could go back? Even if you have no regrets at being a witness, is there anything you would have done different as a witness?

    I missed having a normal youth. I didn't date, go to school dances, even learn how to dance. I missed all my proms. I avoided girls(even witness girls). I was so brainwashed that if I wasn't ready to marry, I had no business even mingling or associating with the sisters. If I could do that over I would date, learn to dance, learn social skills and graces. Learn how to mingle in parties and social events. Flirt with the girls. Build up my self-esteem. Keep up with current styles enough to be in style without overdoing or being behind. My life is half over and I have accomplished some of these but these are things that most kids out of high school have accomplished. I am embarrassed that I was such a social misfit.

    I also was in mortal fear of the elders for years. There were a couple of them, as I grew older, that I became friends with and I saw that they are just men, some very humble and kind, but for years from a little kid till my 30s I avoided them. They were basically the kingdom korner kop. I hated going to the door with one, only to be told I could be doing better. I hated one elder who would walk up, tug at your hair, and say, "get a haircut". Another one would always ask, "why are you working full time? Why not work part time and pioneer? Full time work is a dead end job." This being said after he retired from a cush govermnent job that paid all too well and had a fat pension. If I had it to do over, I would treat them as anyone else that butted into my business univited. Polite, calm but firm. "I appreciate your concern, but I don't feel that I need to discuss with you my life decisions. And I'd appreciate it if you would keep your opinions and your suggestions till when I ask for them."

  • Carmel

    Boy, this is a loaded question! I remember that sweet young thing in red heels that was hot-to-trot and I was the dude who kept my cool, not wanting to besmerch the "name of Jehovah". Oh, how I wish I had it to do over again... then again, who knows. I might have ended up married within the Borg and never escaped.. dang, I wanted those red heels with the thin ankles......


  • Downunderandout

    I would have never have got married to the person I did when I did and I would have continued on and finished my education rather than starting to finish it now.

    I would not have accepted that first magazine!!!!


  • CoonDawg

    I would have had a more normal time in highschool and had a bit more fun. My biggest regret is that of being a self righteous prick and shunning my little sister, Banshee, when she needed me most. She says she holds no ill will towards me, but I still live with the guilt just the same.

    Coon's a real wake up call when you don't know if the sibling you were closest to is alive or dead for over two years.

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