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  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    Last night I had an interesting experience that I never would have had if I was still a JW. I had to share.

    My partner and I had some friends over for a visit last night and we ordered pizza. After the pizza guy left, this guy outside got my attention. He was very polite and clean cut. He asked for a minute of my time. He told me his name and offered to show his ID...he said that he was trying to get enough money to get a bus ticket to Dallas. He explained that he had AIDS and his roommates had kicked it out b/c they found out. He wanted to do work for me....take out my garbage or whatever...for a few dollars to help him get his ticket. I told him that I had given my last cash to the pizza guy for a tip but I could give him pizza if he was hungry. He thankfully asked for a slice. I gave him two and Sarah, my partner, brought some water. I talked to him for a while to find out what his story was....he was 24 yrs old and had gotten the disease from (of course) unprotected sex. I asked if it had been a woman or man. He said a man. I told him that I was 'family' (also gay) and he told me he was scared and just wanted to get home to Dallas. Sarah and I tried to figure out a place for him to sleep for the night b/c he didn't want to sleep on the streets. Someone he had asked money for earlier pulled up in a car to give him the money and while he was away I talked to Sarah about giving him the money for his ticket. So Sarah went into our savings in the apt and got $20. He almost cried when we gave it to him! He kept saying 'god bless you'....I told him that 'god' and I didn't get along and that I was helping him b/c I wanted to and not b/c I thought I would get some kind of blessing from god. I spent about 10 more minutes with him and before he left I was almost in tears. When he was ready to leave, he said he was going to go down to the Greyhound station right away before it got too late. He said the bus to Dallas runs every 3 to 4 hours and he'd just wait for one there. He gave me the name of the place where he'd be in Dallas and I gave him my cell #. He said he'd try to call when he got there to let me know he was safe. I made a friend. As a JW I would have given him a tract or magazine and sent him on his way. How useless and unhelpful that would have been! Instead, I got to know someone. Who knows, maybe he'll keep in touch.


  • pr_capone

    You are a very good woman. There are soooo many people out there that would not have given this person the time of day simply because they didnt know him, even fewer who would do so knowing he has AIDS and is gay. Who knows what might have happened to him had you not helped him.

    I am honestly touched by your kindness towards this individual. Thank you for sharing.


  • SixofNine

    :You are a very good man.

    lol, she's not really that butch! lol

    Hey Fire, that is a nice thing you did. His offering to work in exchange for the money was a sign of sincerity. Now you should come visit him (and us :) this weekend, dammit.

  • riz

    the world could use more people like you, fire dragon.

  • pr_capone

    I left out 2 letters! Sue me! LMAO


  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    LMAO!!! That's okay about the two letters. And thank you guys for the compliments. I did sense his sincerity and that's what touched my heart with him.

    I would love to come this weekend but I had previous plans. I have a friend coming in from out of town to visit with me and I don't wanna miss her. Bummer I can't make it too b/c next week is my birthday. I'd love to have Valis pull out his leather whip for my birthday spanking.


  • LyinEyes

    Firedragon I have known you were a warm hearted person from the moment I met you in Dallas, you truly are a sweetheart. I agree since I left the borg, I have become more human too. Before like you said, we would give them the "good news" message and ran away. We would probably still feel pain for this person, I know I did on occasions, but we were not allowed to follow our own conscience and our own hearts on how to treat people.

    I think of that scripture, where Jesus says, something about,,,,,,, if your brother is hungry and his clothes are torn , you shouldnt say now go have peace,,,,,,,, you should feed your brother and get him new clothes. Not just say the pretty words , but actually do something to help your brother , something that he needs right away. How true that is. I am sure that man was so touched by your kindness that he may actually be moved to help someone eles he sees in need one day.

    I know what you mean about looking at him and seeing his sencerity. I was at a long light one day, just got back from the doctor wondering if I might have cancer,,,,,,,,,,, thank god I didnt , but at the time my world felt like it might fall apart. I turned to see a man standing on the corner with a ratty suitcase , very worn clothes, and his dog was sitting there with him. What caught my eye, was the man had a hotdog, and he was sharing it with his dog. I have a soft spot for people in such shape and for animals in general. And thought of this dog, being loyal to this homeless man, skin and bones the dog was, but yet he stayed with the man, and shared a few bites of the hotdog.

    The man didnt have a sign, and he didnt come up to my car, he even looked away as I watched him taking a bite of hotdog, and then pinching a piece off for the dog.
    My heart broke, and I rolled the window down just enough to give him what little cash I had on me. He looked in my eye and said thank you so kindly, and God bless. The look in his eyes I will never forget.

    Some may say he was a scam artist, I know there are many out there, but in my heart he seemed to be real. I don't care why he is on the street. I am not to judge him, but I did feel pity for him, who knows what had happened to him in his life .

    It did make me feel good to give a little, a little that wouldnt be missed much by me, but would feed him and his dog good for the day. If he went and used it to buy drugs I don't know. I will never know. But I would do it again.

    Thanks for the story Firedragon,,,,,,,,,can't wait to see ya in Dallas.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Firedragon,

    You are a kind person. The greatest concern I have when I hear stories like yours is that I worry - what if this "nice guy" was another Ted Bundy? Ted was the very picture of innocence and that is a major part of how he got his victims into situations beyond their control and completely in HIS control.

    Psychopaths and sociopaths don't all look like Freddy Kruger. I just hope you have enough dragon within you to toast anyone who tries to take advantage of your kind nature.

    Lyin', I hope your kindness really helped that guy. I can't say he was a scammer - after all, he didn't give you any kind of story. I have trouble with the idea of these guys having an "animal companion" when they can't even take care of their own needs. Why do they have these dogs? Because more people have soft spots in their hearts for scrawny dogs than for bums. I would have offered to buy his dog, then found the poor pup a decent home.

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