Feelings of Betrayal After Catholic Church Is Leased to Coptic Parish

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  • Hecce

    Interesting article showing the different attitudes between the Watchtower and the Catholic Church. When a Kingdom Hall or Assembly Hall is sold, we will have witnesses that are unhappy; none of them will dare to express that in public or do anything about it. They know that one way or another that will result in retributions.

    Since their church was shut down in a round of parish mergers in 2015, the group has been fighting to reopen it through prayer vigils and a continued legal appeal before the Vatican. But the archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, has been pursuing a different plan, taking the matter of this East 62nd Street chapel to the pope himself.
    On Sunday, the jewel-box-like sanctuary of Our Lady of Peace was opened for a Divine Liturgy service, a weekly sacrament of communion, but not a Roman Catholic one. At Cardinal Dolan’s direction, the archdiocese has granted a one-year lease to the local parish of the Coptic Orthodox Church, an ancient Christian denomination based in Egypt. The lease is the first stage of a plan to transform the church into the Coptic Church’s New York cathedral, an idea that both Cardinal Dolan and Coptic leaders say Pope Francis has blessed.
  • JWdaughter

    I like the fact that Catholics can fuss out loud without repercussions..

    One thing that the RC and orthodox churches are doing is trying to join together again. It's sneaking in in various ways. Coptic is a variant of, and some would say the original, orthodox church, so this might well be part of their strategy.

    I've seen the church, its lovely-many of the churches in NYC are stunning. There was a tiny, simple one near my old job in chelsea that had a lot of non catholics going there for meditation and prayer-30 years ago. And lunch:)

    The RC church is going the way of the WT, contracting, it seems.

  • Hecce


    Thanks, a nice personal touch on this subject.

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