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    I just got a reply from a person on the eWatchman.I wrote this to a person called hector3000. After several emails I wrote the following answer to a sermon he sent me in response to a question regarding JW's communication with God and the authority they are given:A person or persons have taken upon themselves to be the interpreters of the Bible. If you say the Bible or the contents therein says that the JW organization are the official interpreters and the Bible is the word of God the final determination has been established by a fallible human being in the JW organization, which is subject to error. Any and all religions and cults throughout the world could lay claim to the position.

    His answer was his proclamation that I am a bigot and I must not communicate with him anymore.

    I tried to send a reply and I guess I was put on his shit list and couldn't get a message through. What is interesting is his final message is no longer available on my computer. Can he erase information off my machine?

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