New residence building

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  • mann377

    Has anyone heard about the new residence building the WTBS wants to build in Brooklyn? It is supose to hold 2,000 people. I thought the WTBS was sending many Bethelites home because of no work. I read about this on the New York Times web site, check local news and type in Jehovah's Witness.

  • Outaservice

    According to the BROOKLYN HEIGHTS PRESS the Society is moving all the printing operations out of the city up to Patterson (farm) and also giving up a large parking lot they have leased for a new park to be built adjacent to some of their buildings. What they will do with the 4 factory buildings remains to be seen but they possibly may be sold for many millions of dollars.

    The new residence building will have a large parking lot under it to compensate for the one they let the lease go on, plus condense the housing for the remaining members in administration left in Brooklyn. This would also free up many brownstone homes the Society owns and they could be sold also for lots of bucks!

    Of course, the rank and file will never receive an accounting of the money involved, they never are, plus the Society will now have a new need (plea for money) the faithful can donate to.

    The amount I am sending them is the same amount as last year. Zero!

    Outaservice (who feels the world would be a nicer place if they didn't print anything at all!)

  • Mulan

    An acquaintance of ours, who has a few reliable Bethel contacts, reports that Bethelites who have served 5 years or less, are being asked to leave voluntarily. Downsizing.

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