JW case about documents in Germany

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  • Gorb
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    They are obsessed with the Kusserows who serve as their flagship brave JW family in nazi Germany. The irony is that the religion they fought for is arguably unrecognisable.

    They knew nothing of disfellowshipping or the ban on blood transfusions for example.

  • waton

    and there were no superior authorities but the deity and his son,

  • Smiles

    This new GB are the most petty effing litigious overlapping fat pricks. First, they litigate against a Lego toy parody video on YouTube. Now they want to litigate against a German museum archive for some dusty old family memorabilia.

    Christ's effing litigious brothers would be better off spending all those dedicated funds on protecting children suffering abuse within their fantasy spiritual paradise for pedophiles

    But no, they would rather protect some old holocaust shit to display in their culty "museum" which is oh so very necessary here in these last of the last last days. What better way to spend the last day of the last days than oogling irrelevant propaganda at a cult museum nobody can visit because of covid. Imbeciles.

    They're even bragging about it on JW .orgy

    JW News Release


  • BluesBrother

    Seems the Museum bought the docs in good faith from a non JW member of the family against the terms of another’s will bequeathing them to the WT.

    what the hell! Why not do a deal with the museum, have copies in their museum in Warwick and have done with it?

  • Smiles

    @BB Exactly. With billions of dedicated funds, instead of just offering a fair sum to the museum archive for purchase of these obsolete keepsakes, the GB would rather faithfully and discreetly spend those dedicated resources publicly bitching about it in a German court for added publicity.

    Everyone already knows the old story about that Kusserow family. Watch Tower has been martyrizing it for decades and already published videos about it, Purple Triangles, and Under Opposition.

    The GB wants legal right and possession of the Kusserow collection not for educational purposes, but for purposes of high control emotional manipulation to groom cult followers for future self-sacrifice.

    "The Kusserow family martyr deaths prove Watch Tower is the only true religion. Be like the Kusserows. Be willing to sacrifice & die for Jehovas Zeugen Watch Tower... while the GB fatten up at Warwick Resort."

    How it that JW governing body members never perish from persecution?? What hypocritical swine.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Who cares? Could there be unflattering disclosures hidden in it?

    Maybe they can display it with rutherfords pandering correspondence with hitler.

  • Gorb

    Maybe they want to control the documents, things they don't like, to be hide.


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