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  • razorMind

    Has anyone here ever been one? Or know somebody who is/has?

    What are the education requirements? I am just curious. I'd love to get more info, especially from someone who's actually done this. (if at all possible)

    Thanks in advance.

  • CoonDawg

    It really depends. Many libraries here in the states have part time entry level positions that don't require much education. If you really want to be a librarian, many times you must have at least a bachelor's degree in education or library sciences (yes there is a course of study with that name...LOL).

    I assisted in a school library and really liked the work, since I'm somewhat of a bookworm. I found that my experience mattered little with even trying to volunteer for library work. There seemed to be a stigma against me because I am "convex" rather than "concave"...I stand instead of squat. Yes, indeed...Ol' dawg has experienced "reverse" sexual discrimination. It was a real eye opening moment. So, my career path is a whole lot different than what it might have been.

    You can ask Copsec if she knows of any other tips. I know she used to work in a public library here in the states.


  • aarque

    I've been in the library field for over 30 years...and I'm only 49 years old. I started out working as a page in a large public library and worked my way up as far as I could go without the education. I now have a BA in English-Literature (class of 2001) and am thinking of going for my MLS. I retired from that library in 2001(with 30 years service) and now am the director of a very small library in another state. The community is thrilled..I'm the first director with a library background they've ever had. Small communities are not as strict about the education requirements.

    Some colleges offer courses for library technician...that may be something you'd want to look into to start off. Make sure any library courses are ALA approved (American Library Association)...especially when pursuing an MLS. Browse through your local library to familiarize yourself with how the Dewey Decimal system works. (Academic libraries use the Library of Congress, and government documents are classified using Superintendent of Documents)

    It's a great field to work in...connecting with books and people. I've been doing it practically all my life... and absolutely no regrets.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Speaking of Librarians....

    The girl im dating wears narrow framed glasses that give her the 'librarian look' and it drives me wild

  • Swan

    I used to be a library assistant in Junior High. Does that count?


  • joannadandy

    Most library positions...(the career ones) require a masters. If you want to be a school librarian, a masters is a must. Most public libraries require it too.

    I would suggest you head over to the nearest college and pick up some information on it. I am getting a minor in Information Media along with my BA in English Literature, which once I graduate and get a job teaching I could roll over into a masters and get a job as a librarian.

    But I am scared...I am afraid I will have to wear wedgie shoes and a sweater with a chain around my shoulders...and glasses on a chain...and smell like mothballs...*sigh* Oh well...it's not like I was getting laid anyway...HAHAHA

  • VeniceIT

    I got kicked out of the library in Jr High!!! Does that count!!!! HEHEHE


  • aarque

    Librarians still have buns....except now they are lower down the back!!

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