So I bought a Harold Camping book.

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  • schnell
    I found this at Goodwill and I want to burn my eyes out a little.

    Camping predicted September 15, 1994 as the end of history in his 1992 book ingeniously titled "1994?" He pulled the same thing for December of 2011 of course, and here we are.

    So why did I get it? Well, I got that and Volume 2 of The Mahabharata. Call me eclectic.

    But I also wanted to compare Camping's calculations with Watchtower's as well as other Millerite calculations. I don't care what the calculations are. They're obviously bullshit. But I see something in common already.
    • "Let scripture interpret scripture."
    • A personal god and personal devil.
    • "We're in the end times!!!1"
    • Science is subordinate to the Bible.
    • Stuff about Daniel and Revelation, etc.
    Camping very plainly predicted the end of the world multiple times in his text as September of 1994, and again in his conclusion. And in his conclusion, he wrote that he could have possibly missed something, though he wasn't sure what that could be as he was so thorough in his research.

    I have an idea what it could be, Camping. I think I have a pretty good idea.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Bible isn't actually the inspired word of God you profess it to be. Maybe it isn't superior to science after all.
    Just maybe.
  • schnell

    (For the record, this is a ghost post that never seemed to make it out of the "Queued for Processing" phase. I shook my head and tried again the next morning. Hours after that, and here it is.)

  • Xanthippe

    Yes there's been lots of nutters starting many cults. Luckily he only gave the world two years, hopefully didn't ruin too many lives.

  • stockholm_Syndrome

    I hear you dude --- very daggy-- but I've got Josephus(like alot have), Eusebius, Polycarp, Barnabas, Iraenius and books from various Roman historians --bought them about a year ago -- when trying to make sense of it all---- Then I discovered ---- I CANT MAKE SENSE OF IT ALL CAUSE ITS MUMBO BABY ---

    Now I find like a comedy channel !

    Im a fader --- but frustrated that I cant tell my cousins and mates bout it-----arghhhh

  • WingCommander

    Oh the End came, for Camping! He's been dead years now.

  • Vidiot
    schnell - "So, I bought a Harold Camping book..."

    On purpose, no less.

    You're a sick, sick man. :smirk:

    schnell - " his conclusion, he wrote that he could have possibly missed something, though he wasn't sure what that could be as he was so thorough in his research..."

    Gee, I dunno...

    ...maybe the possibility that "Biblical" prophecy ain't all that reliable? :smirk:

  • sparky1

    Frederick Franz and Harold Camping..........two God intoxicated, self deluded egomaniacs that thought that they had each 'cracked' the secret code to the 'time of the end'. Dangerous religious fanatics that brought untold amounts of emotional and spiritual havoc and pain into the lives of millions of their followers.

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