Mrs. T's big adventure.

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  • JeffT

    Since we have been married Debbie and I have never traveled very much, for a number of reasons (many Borg related). When younger, I went to Mexico and Europe, but although she’s always wanted to see more of the world, until 1990, with the exception of a funeral in NYC, Debbie had never been outside Washington, Idaho, California and BC. In 1990 my Dad was awarded half of the Nobel prize in medicine and we got to spend a week in Stockholm. After that we lapsed in old habits of sticking close to home.

  • anti-absolutism

    Wow, that sounds cool. And you managed to get a good plug in there for your dad.

  • RunningMan

    OK, since no one is biting, and I have allowed enough time to pass (actually I finally worked my way back to this point), is your father E. Donnall Thomas?

  • Crazy151drinker

    Mr. T for president.

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