Selling buildings

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  • asp59
    Back in beginning of 2000s I lived in a Nordic country. They hade the biggest assembly hall own by JWs and a two store bulding in middle of capital converted to KH for several congregation. Short story everything was sold cause they couldn't pay the rent. Ten years ago I traveled to South America. They were building a asambly hall. First meeting I went to local KH i knew in some years everything be sold cause of holy spirit in congregation basically none. Well now ten years after major KH downtown capitol was sold. Assembly Hall parts of it being sold. When MacDonalds move to a country they do more research about how things gonna go for them then this organization does. If course it's congregation money they playing with so the don't care. The show clearly that the higher ups have there position cause they say the belong to ,144.000 and look how many hours in service I filled out. The appointments were never base on practical wisdom or insight in to matters. It's all base on hours a month. I bet Betel in New York is just a bunch of zombies going round with mucus around mouth chanting Preach preach preach all day long😁😐😊
  • Gorbatchov

    It's a businessmodel, they make property profits.


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