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  • christopherceo

    ...what I mean when I refer to a high control group? Let me tell you how it works from my experience as a member of one. Once you become a member you're "new personality" must quickly conform to the standards set by the group regarding all manner of things we used to do in ordinary everyday life, but not any more. Damn you if you say "good luck" because you are cursing our god and his ability to control all things with nobody else's help except our organization which was chosen by god himself and therefore is the knower of all things and the ultimate dispenser of all information that you will need to know without considering anything else in the world as a source of guidance and direction, which would result in your again denying our god and the power he shows through our faithful and descreet slave that controls everything in the organization and in turn every acpsect of your life. What to think and when to think it, how to think it, thoughts you should not think of, absolutely no independent thinking, memorizing scriptures and phrases and arguments for outsiders and sermons and lesson after lesson after lesson, until these become your own thoughts and you can no longer think for yourself because when you do their thoughts come back to warn you that is bad so you don't think, you assimilate and conform. And that is just in the first few weeks.

  • heathen

    Yep that sounds like them alright .I knew some that I studied with who would keep saying the word cross instead of stake tho . I guess he must have been spiritually weak .

  • crinklestein

    I know what you mean. I had a few of them that would get upset because I said Bless You when people sneezed. I just said, "Do you honestly think God is that pety?"

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