In the spirit of Christmas

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  • no-zombie

    On this auspicious day, I'd like to propose a question (half in fun and the other half not) to ask, ... If the Governing Body reviewed the origins of Christmas and now proclaimed that it was now a matter of conscience, how many of the Brotherhood would pick it up and start practicing it?

    For me, I think that very, very few would take issue of the change and disassociate themselves. Yes, many would question it in their minds for a while but since it would be a Governing Body sanctioned holiday, I think a very surprising large number would do so with zeal ... particularly in Europe, were it still has wholesome family traditions.

    Think of it though ... no more embarrassing moments at work, when the office secretary is putting up Christmas decorations over your desk. No more thinking what to say, when you boss kindly give you a box chocolates, for you efforts over the year. And no more mumbling something at the end of the supermarket line, when the 15 year old checkout girl genuinely wishes you a happy holiday.

    I think it would accepted just like our glorious joy of beards ... but what's your thoughts?

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  • jhine

    The term ' a matter of conscience ' always sounds very ambiguous to me.

    Like the GB doesn't really approve. So if someone started celebrating Christmas they wouldn't be disassociated but maybe viewed as spiritually weak .

    Jan from Tam

  • TonusOH

    Jan: Like the GB doesn't really approve.

    That is exactly what they want the rank and file to feel. It's a sort of "you can do that if you feel you need to, but Jehovah would be very proud of you if you didn't" attitude.

    If they did say that Christmas celebrations were a conscience matter, a lot of JWs would still not celebrate it. My mother would not, I am certain of that. She would point to all of the old WTS teachings and lean on those. But overall, I think there would be a gradual shift towards celebrating. The issue for the GB is that it would likely cause rifts in many congregations, and lots of brothers and sisters would feel like they had been betrayed. If there isn't that much to differentiate the WTS from other Christian denominations, why not go to one of the others?

  • skin
    when you boss kindly give you a box chocolates, for you efforts over the year.

    Already no issues with accepting end if year work gifts in my area, because that's all it is, a thank you gift for your efforts over the year. However, too give a gift in return to your boss or non witness clients for the years work, well this would not to done, because this could be viewed as a Christmas related gift and we wouldn't want anyone to be stumbled.

  • peacefulpete

    I know some like my sister (now passed) would love nothing more than to have an occasion for a get-together and cook a special meal. Others seem to have a cultivated negativity about lots of things. Just look at how many former JWs think of it as a bother and speak disparagingly about the holidays and the privilege to vote.

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