Vows,do they still count?

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  • Blueblades

    Some have made VOWS when they were Witnesses.For example:Become a Spiritual Eunuch,Refrain from Alcoholic Beverages,Singleness,etc.

    Do these Vows still count with God,if they were given during the deception of the Society?


  • Gopher

    WEDDING vows definitely count. Although if one person sees the light and leaves the dubs, and the other person stays a dub, the dub may view their situation as one of "spiritual endangerment" and seek a way out.

    As far as other vows, one must let their conscience be their guide. If you are continuing (or starting) a relationship with God after leaving the dubs, you could reason that you were "in the dark" when making a vow before, and you didn't really understand what you were saying. You might reason that the depth of God's love is so great that he would understand you'd need a fresh start. But if breaking a vow really harms your conscience, then you probably should be true to yourself and keep it.

  • Sargon

    Vows to a God are made to be broken. The only vows that really count, in my opinion, are vows made to oneself.

  • Blueblades

    For example, if one made a vow not to drink alcoholic beverages because it could impair ones judgment when serving as an elder,but now is no longer serving and is out,then the reason for the vow is no longer in effect,right.


    if one vowed to remain single for the sake of the KINGDOM WORK,but now finds out that the Kingdom as taught by the Society is not around the corner,and so wants to marry while still in bloom,then the vow is no longer in effect,right.

    What vows have you made thinking the end was here,but,found out it's not and so want to be released from that vow,or,are wondering if that vow is still in effect.


  • minimus

    I am giving you permission to ignore all the vows that you made to GOD......Feel better???

  • Blueblades

    Only if you dance again,what happened to your dance.

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