Sept, 17 text; "Jehovah protects his people"-- from Jehovah.

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  • prologos

    The danger for the families? to have their firstborn killed by Jehovah, ---but teach them they will be protected by following Jehovah's (GB's) instructions, even seemingly irrational.

    If you do the daily text, don't pass over this opportunity. of the irrational passover.

  • TimeBandit
    Several years ago We were on our way home from the summer assembly. I was driving our new vehicle. My wife, myself,and two friends were in the vehicle. Everyone but me was asleep. I was in the middle of a heartfelt prayer thanking Jehovah and just passing time relaying to him how much I loved him. A woman ran a stop sign and broadsided us. We were injured and lost our vehicle. Jehovah did not protect us.
  • prologos
    TimeBandit tragic story. ---the bible story I was referring to is the exodus passover where the "angel" rampaged through Egypt, but the Israelites were protected form Jehovah by Jehovah.
    just in the news, a 2 year old girl, murdered and raped. Where is the protection form a supposed all-knowing, all- powerful "god"? his billions of angels?-- protection offered only from his own vicissitudes,as during the passover exodus.
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Jerhoover the great killing machine...but you'll be ok if you keep up your protection payments to the WTBTS
  • mynameislame
  • prologos
    mynameislame that sums the house to house work of the angels in Egypt (the world) nicely thank you/ p.
  • Vidiot

    Damn; myname beat me to it.

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