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  • happy man
    happy man

    I was on an elder meeting 1999, when the Gb come upp widh harder ruels fore dfd system and even when we can take back peopel.

    They say ther that we had ben to soft, and we must think about to keep org clean, and we must also be carefull not to take back peopel to eary, they must show that they realy regret what they done.

    I must ask the former elder on this board, if someone here was on that meeting, it was splitt on two days, and the second day we have this new look on dfd system.

    I think this was a very bad move, when i hear this , i was sure that this going to give us problem, but when i read here it is much more problem then i was expeckting.

    I is realy tragikal that the Gb do this and i think it harm us very much, and ofcourse i think it was wrong, and not from Jehova, perhaps satans way to destoy, putt in men like wolfs how putt hard ruels in the cong , impossibel to follow, like this , dont talk to you children if they are dfd, who can follow that .

  • Gopher

    Quote: "dont talk to you children if they are dfd, who can follow that ."

    My parents can follow that! Quite easily. They've been shunning me for 3 years and shunning my sister for 18 years. Last month in a letter, they wrote to me "there is no room for compromise on this issue". In the place where their hearts should be, there is a stone mass. They couldn't care less that they're missing out on their grandchildren, they're still trying to teach me and my sister some sort of "lesson". How crazy is that?

    So they told you this harsher policy was about keeping the congregation clean. That is pure kaka. It is all about tight reins of control. It is much like Solomon's son Rehoboam, when deciding whether to continue the harsh discipline his father instituted, listened to his peers and made things even harder, leading to his losing the majority of his subjects!

    Did the WTS learn from the lesson of Rehoboam? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What a bunch of power-hungry slave-drivers!

  • dmouse

    I wasn't at that meeting happy man, but I felt it's effects. I shunned my dearest sister for years thinking I was doing the right thing. We are once again very close (now that we've both left the org) but the incident has left a permanent scar in our relationship.

    The DFing policy is one of the most harmful and barbaric strategies ever devised for keeping control of the rank and file. It is horrible in the extreme and we can barely imagine the heartache and suffering caused by it over the decades. Families and friends split up, divided, destroyed, on the GB's altar of corrupt power.

    They really have no heart.

  • minimus

    The truth is, depending upon their latest whim, the GB could be lenient or tough. They'll use scriptures to back up anything or any way they feel for that moment. I remember that meeting. I felt the same way. A week before we should extend mercy. The following week, we must administer harsh justice. One day a person could be granted consideration, the next day they should be disfellowshipped..........Another reason I hated being an elder.

  • happy man
    happy man


    I must say first i think this was something only in Sweden, intresting that you remember, this was the last meeting i was on, and i remeber talking widh some elder , in the break, and they say this KJ is craizy, but when I think back this was the start of something very bad, I wonder why and by who this was putt inn.

    This we can not take them back to soon was almost unbelevebel,have we forget the lost son.

    So if we have more former elder here , i can be intresting to read your point.

    And to you M, my English, sometime i putt in what others have said, myself is very bad on this .

    Hope you understand, i have a feeling trhat we in some pointhave the same expirienses, and history

    widh love from HM

  • minimus

    man...You know the unified organization is SUPPOSED to say the same things to all, but of course we know they don't.

  • Maverick

    The GoverningBodyGod claims they want to "keep the congregations clean" but what they mean is that they need to try and "keep the congregations "stupid"! Maverick

  • pettygrudger

    I was never an elder (obviously - i'm a girl!) - but I can tell you what those types of rules do to people who's whole life depends on their "faith" and being in good standing within Jehovah's people. To make a mistake is human - and I would assume most are repentent when they've realized what they did, and alot confess. To then live praying each night that the Big A doesn't come, praying & asking for forgiveness, and never feeling like you've had it until an elder gives you a stamp of approval again. It took me a long time to figure out that God's mercy doesn't act that way, and why I could never be a JW again. If God is our father - then he forgives when we ask, and build trust with him by never repeating the same mistakes again. And even if we stumble, its God's love & forgiveness that is there to pick us up and put us back on the right path again. How elders & the GB can hold this power & use it so unmercifully goes against everything I want to know about God.

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Bumping this to the top hoping more who have been elders or are elders will resopnd.

  • lostboy


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