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  • Hairtrigger

    Hello Everyone,

    Haven’t been here for ages.

    Am looking for an article that someone posted here about Muhammad the muslim

    prophet. Article was by a Muslim where he stated Mohammed was a pedophile and a delusional, psychopathic, schizophrenic narcissist. Something like that. I think - not sure- the writers last name was Quereshi. Not sure though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks .


  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    He was all of those things, no secret, plenty has been written about his life.

    This book is a good start and you can read it online or I can send you a copy -


  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    There is also this information regarding Moh's likely medical condition, sorry can not just post a link because it is not onling these days.

    Islam, Immoral Theology of a Sick Arab

    That is what the great Ataturk, father of the Turkish republic had said about Islam over 80 years

    ago. Although he had no training in Neurology but now the modern Neurologists agree with his diagnosis that Mohammad was a sick Arab and that his sickness resulted in islam.

    It has been long known and acknowledged by Muslims and non-Muslims alike that Mohammad suffered from frequent epileptic seizures. Only in recent times Neurologists gathered enough clinical evidence about various forms of epilepsy to categorically identify the type with which Mohammad was afflicted.

    Well known Neurologist Dr Dede Korbut M.D. (1) studied Mohammad’s life and his writings through Hadiths, Sira and Quran confirmed that indeed Mohammad had Temporal Lobe Epilepsy( TLE) and experienced Complex Partial Seizures(CPS ). He concluded that Islam was the brain child of this sick Arab.

    Data from a large number of TLE/CPS patients show that their brain defect results in the following abnormal behaviours and traits.


    This behaviour causes ritualism, orderliness, compulsive attention to detail. Patient carries out repetitive rituals. Mohammad himself practiced wudu , salat and recitation of ayas all day and made it compulsory for all the Muslims to do the same . Because of mental sickness of Mohammad all Muslims act as if they also have the same sickness and keep repeating these senseless rituals all their lives.


    The communicating cavities in the brain of the patient become enlarged which distorts various brain structures damaging among other things, motor control brain cells. This anatomical distortion results in dementia, his motor control and gait disturbance. The evidence for hudro cephalus in Mohammad was the noted large size of his head and his gait which looked as if he is rushing downhill and his faulty motor controls.

    There is strong evidence that Mohammad had problem with his motor controls like shaking hands and control while urinating. It seems that he leaked upon himself while urinating and he assumed it happens to all, that is why he required all to wash after urination and gave special instruction urination. He also said that people who do not wash after urination burn in hell.


    CPS patients show disproportionate hostility, rage attacks, violent crimes, brutality and even murders. Mohammad showed all these traits to all extremes. He had 900 innocent Quraizans beheaded and personally raped the wife of the chief teenager Rehana the same night. After Khaybar raid he had Kinana , chief of Khaybar, tortured to death and later raped his 17 year old wife Safia.. He had Uraina tribesman tortured to death for stealing some of his camels which he himself had robbed from others..

    Hyper moralism:

    Attention to rules with inability to distinguish significant from minor infractions and desire to punish.

    Mohammad had petty thief’s hands cut, had alcohol drinkers whipped severely, had his critics beheaded and had apostates killed. He also prescribed death penalty for criticizing him or his sayings..


    it is the expression of viscosity in the written mode. Many evaluators of Quran have superficially noted this without realizing it’s true neurological significance. It is the defect in the temporal lobe causing reverberation of memory tapes resulting in continuous repetitions , incoherence, endlessly drawn out laws, exhortations, protestations ,proclamations and unnecessary excessive verbiage .


    It is a demonstrable fact that CPS patients exhibit an inordinate interest in religious matters.CPS patient thinks that he is getting messages from God. As modern medical research has shown that these messages are simply fresh associations produced by the unconscious workings on things which have been seen or heard before but forgotten . Through faulty wiring the defective brain network produces new productions.

    Humourless Sobriety

    Another aspect of personality dysfunction in CPS patients is a humourless and overly determined attitude of sobriety. A sense of humour is lacking. Mohammad had any one making fun of his rules killed in cold blood.


    Paranoia is a prevalent feature of a CPS patient. Many CPS patients have grandoise ideation when in fact they are not. Mohammad thought that he was actually God’s equal . Quran says “obey Allah and obey Mohammed over 40 times and once said “obeying Mohammad is obeying Allah” (4.80)

    The messenger of God claimants cannot tolerate any competition in their status.. He mentioned that Allah created world for him and that he will be sitting with God on the judgement day and will be able to do intercession for any one he wanted. In his story of shab e Meiraj he claimed to have lead prayer of all prophets and then went to the 7th heaven to meet Allah personally, a priviledge only given to mohammed.

    Cognitive Dissonance

    It is another known attribute of CPS patients. This term means logical inconsistency, a thought production in which mutually contradictory ideas are held. The reason is that the temporal lobe of the patient is defective and abnormal. Glaring contradictions in his life as well as in Quran and Hadiths are proof of Mohammad’s cognitive dissonance. He himself robbed for living but had the hands of petty thief’s cut. He raped the wives and daughters of his jihad victims but prescribed death penalty for adultery. He demanded Muslims to earn honest living but he indulged in dishonest earnings. At one place he writes in Quran “there is no compulsion in religion”, another place he writes “slay the infidels unless they convert to slam”. At one place he writes “to you your religion and to me my religion” and another place he writes “only Islam is acceptable”

    Faulty Memory:

    Temporal Lobe Epilepsy patients (CPS) have very inferior memory recall system. That is exactly what happened when he recalled the material he had heard from Jewish Christian sources and put it in Quran. He got all the material mixed up and wrote very corrupted version of the original biblical stories. When Christians and Jews asked why the narrations of the same stories differ in Quran , he accused that bible is corrupted.

    (1) Dede Korbut M.D. , “Life Alert,The Medical Case of Muhammad”

  • LoveUniHateExams

    the writers last name was Quereshi -

    That isn't much help. Many millions of people of Muslim background have this surname. The prophet Muhammad belonged to the Arab tribe called Quraysh, so his name ended in Al-Qurayshi.

    My local MP is a Muslim woman called Yasmin Qureshi. She's of Pakistani, not Arab, heritage. Many (Muslim) people adopted this name to show appreciation for Islam's prophet.

    BTW - good luck finding that article, it's a very brave person called Qureshi who openly says those things about Muhammad! XD

  • Hairtrigger

    Thanks so much RB. Have sent you a private message.

    The other article is of a similar mould.Thanks again.


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    Nathan Natas

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