I am so glad I am moving!

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  • simplesally

    I am moving next week! I sold my townhouse and have bought a house! It's almost double the size of where we live now. Besides the school district, size of the house, etc I am most thrilled that I WILL NO LONGER BE SHUNNED IN THE GROCERY STORE! I will no longer be shunned at Target, K-mart or the gas station. I won't endure blank stares at stop lights or ask myself if I should stop at the bus stop to ask if So and So would rather have a ride. The elders won't know where I live and neither will the other JW's!! I can now live in relative peace!!!!!

  • qwerty


    So sad that you may have been driven out of your home, because of their unloving shunning policy.

    We can only pray that one day they will wake up, maybe even apologise.

    I am happy that you will be able to walk about without having that worry on your mind.


  • Dawn

    Hooray for simplesal!!

    Hubby and I just bought a larger house and we love it - so nice to have space. But we're in the same town so I still get shunned. It would be cool to move off somewhere where none of those freaks knew who I was!

  • scumrat

    Hey Simplesally, Congrats on the new home. It will be a good feeling not to have to go to those old places where you were shunned. Life will be refreshing with your change. My girlfriend and I are currently working on our plan for a similar change.

    Best of luck, Scumrat

  • patio34

    Congratulations Sally! What a relief to move out of JW-land


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