Thus Sayeth the Holy Spirit: No Comment!!!

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  • Elsewhere
    Luke 12:11-12
    But when they bring YOU in before public assemblies and government officials and authorities, do not become anxious about how or what YOU will speak in defense or what YOU will say; 12 for the holy spirit will teach YOU in that very hour the things YOU ought to say."

    Ever noticed that when the Elders are put in front of a camera asking them about sexual abuse, they tend to say "No Comment"?

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    You are misquoting scripture again. It should read, "the WT Legal Department will teach you at that very hour the things you are to say" . If you are going to keep on doing this, we will have to put you back on "bible study". lol

  • Dawn

    You can't teach someone something if they already KNOW IT ALL.

  • Gopher

    During the recent news report out of St. Louis, Missouri (TV Channel 5), they interviewed a JW elder. He went further than "no comment". What did he say? "The Bible says you cannot bring an accusation without two or three witnesses. That avoids a he-says she-says situation." (or something to that effect)

    So instead of saying NO COMMENT he opened up his mouth with that nonsense. The easy rebuttal to his argument has been outlined here and on Silentlambs several times -- how many molestors/rapists invite or allow an eyewitness to their crime? ZERO!!!

    So though the elder tried to come across as reasonable, his argument is fallacious and he would have been better off if he had said "no comment".

  • LyinEyes

    You know every time I hear someone on tv, involved in some scandle, all the court cases, and they say......."No Comment", it makes them look guilty. It seems they have something to hide. I know this is not always the case but ,,,,,,many times it is.

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