Baptized Twice

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  • JH

    Just about everybody got baptized a few days after birth, unless you were born in the JW's.

    So some were baptized twice, at birth and then as a JW. Now that you are out of the witnesses, does your first baptism have a new signification for you.

    Do you consider yourself of the religion of your first baptism.

  • pr_capone

    I was baptized catholic when I was 6 years old, I was baptized again when I was 11 by the JW. Neither one mean a thing to me as I am no consider myself to be a christian.


  • Undecided

    I was baptized twice as a JW. The first time I was 7 years old, this was too young for me to know what I was getting into. The second time I was 28, this time I was too dumb to know what I was doing, so neither time worked.

    Ken P.

  • freedom96

    I consider myself a christian now after leaving the WTS, and I wonder what status my baptizm holds when I did it as a JW. I almost feel I need to redo it to wash away the WTS stigma from me.

    Who knows.

  • NeonMadman

    There are a lot of religions besides the JW's who do not baptize infants; Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, various Pentecostal and Church of God groups, Church of Christ, all baptize as adults, not babies. Even Mormons wait until the child is 8 years old.

    Personally, I've only been baptized once, by the JW's. I know what it meant to me, and it didn't mean joining an organization. I feel no need at this point to be rebaptized.

  • Dawn

    I was baptized @ 13 by the JW's - because I wanted to look good and get a guy who was cute. I also really believed it was the "truth".

    I was baptized again 2 yrs ago by a non-denominational church because I became a born again Christian. The 2nd baptism meant a lot more to me - it meant that I was free, and that I wanted to have Jesus in my life.

  • RevMalk

    I was Baptized at 21 (JW), but then 2 days later I realized I was smoking a joint.......It was then that I also realized that my baptism didn't mean crap.

    I don't smoke pot now by the way :)


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